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In developing nations including India, unsafe water, poor hygiene practices and inadequate sanitation are not only the causes of the continued high incidence of diarrhoeal diseases but a significant contributing factor in under-five mortality, according to UNICEF,2016 report. Sanitation refers to the maintenance of hygienic conditions by proper treatment and disposal ofhuman urine and faecal sludge (FS). Improved sanitation is known to have a significant positive impact on health both inhouseholds and across communities. Contrary to wastewater management, the development of strategies and treatment options adapted to the conditions prevailing in developing countries to cope with faecal sludges (FS), the by-products of on-site sanitation installations, have long been neglected. One-third of the world population (approximately 2.4 billion urban dwellers) rely on on-site sanitation installations, namely unsewered family and public latrines and toilets, aqua privies and septic tanks. This situation is likely to last for decades to come, since city-wide sewered sanitation is neither affordable nor feasible for the majority of urban areas in developing countries. The specific challenges in treating FS in developing countries, as opposedto treating wastewater, lie in the fact that pathogen concentrations are higherby a factor of 10 to 100 in FS than municipal wastewater and that appropriate,affordable and enforceable discharge and reuse standards or guidelines pertaining toFS treatment are lacking. This on line course on FSM will focus on the huge gaps in sanitation value chain, technological options, innovations in this demanding domain which is still 100 years behind compare to Waste Water Management.Focus would be on key Government of India initiatives in FS along with MUJ, Manipal University Jaipur as key University in India in creating awareness in academic institutions on FSM through the support of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Besides MUJ the facilitators will be mainly from India’s best academicians.
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